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Our vision is that Scotland will be a place where everybody feels empowered to get involved, give to others, do the right thing and do their best in an inclusive, just, compassionate, flourishing and sustainable society.


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“The Science of Character” is a cloud film which was premiered globally in over 1,500 schools and organisations on #CharacterDay - 20th March 2014. It explores fascinating new research on character development and our ability to shape who we are. For more information see


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Character and Food: You Are What You Eat

Written by Lindsay Graham - avatar Lindsay Graham | Wednesday 9th April 2014

Lindsay Graham comments on the influence food has on character; through emotions, values and traits.

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Character, Values and School

Written by Dr Jonathan H Robbins - avatar Dr Jonathan H Robbins | Tuesday 25th March 2014

In this piece, Dr Jonathan Howard Robbins explores the purpose of school and the inter-relationships between values-based education, assessment, pedagogy and how these elements are perceived and acted upon.

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Character Scotland Network Update - Issue 2

Written by Character Scotland - avatar Character Scotland | Thursday 13th March 2014

View the second issue of our network update here. These will be published monthly; please subscribe or share with a friend! 

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Using video games to learn about character

Written by Colin Maxwell - avatar Colin Maxwell | Tuesday 11th March 2014

Colin Maxwell comments on how video games can be used as a tool to learn about character, in reference to many popular titles.   

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You Have Many Different Kinds of Strength

Written by Ryan M. Niemiec - avatar Ryan M. Niemiec | Wednesday 5th March 2014

Ryan Niemic is Director of Education at the VIA Institute on Character, this blog piece originally written for Psychology Today, focusses on character strengths and how we use them day...

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Do values have a place in education?

Written by Dr. Thomas Nielsen - avatar Dr. Thomas Nielsen | Tuesday 25th February 2014

Associate Professor Thomas Nielsen from the University of Canberra, Australia writes about values in education and their importance to the human race.

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#CharacterDay 2014

Written by Alex Gregg - avatar Alex Gregg | Friday 28th March 2014

Character Scotland celebrated the innaugral global #CharacterDay on the 20th March 2014 in conjunction with Gracemount High School in Edinburgh.  

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Dangerous Ideas - Education: nothing matters without Values and Character!

Written by Alex Gregg - avatar Alex Gregg | Tuesday 18th March 2014

Character Scotland will be joint hosting this event with Learning for Sustainability Scotland. Please register for further information.      Sell Tickets through Eventbrite

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Character Practitioner Focus Group

Written by Character Scotland - avatar Character Scotland | Tuesday 11th March 2014

All the signs indicate that character and values are becoming increasingly important in education. There is a clear recognition that education is not just about preparing pupils for exams. The...

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Written by David Lorimer - avatar David Lorimer | Thursday 30th January 2014

Mindset is based on a simple and powerful distinction between a fixed and a growth mindset, which has implications for business, parenting, schools and relationships. Dweck’s starting point is understanding...

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How Children Succeed

Written by David Lorimer - avatar David Lorimer | Wednesday 8th January 2014

The subtitle of the appropriately named Paul Tough’s book is ‘grit, curiosity and the hidden power of character.’ It is a fast paced journalistic report that uses personal stories to...

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Character and Insights

Written by Gary Walsh - avatar Gary Walsh | Friday 4th October 2013

Character Scotland is an educational charity aiming to support the cultivation of character and values, with a particular focus on children and young people. Last month, the Character Scotland team came...

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Character is just as important as grades in school, says local Scottish charity

Written by Gary Walsh - avatar Gary Walsh | Friday 4th October 2013

Character Scotland is a small charity with big ambitions. Working from their office in Fife, their vision is for all children and young people in Scotland to develop as global...

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Why Character?

Written by Liam Howard - avatar Liam Howard | Monday 23rd September 2013

Liam is Character Scotland’s Digital Apprentice. He was given the task of producing a film entitled ‘Why Character?’ and this is his first draft, with more to follow. Liam was...

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Fife gets ready to be inspired by Glasgow 2014

Written by Gary Walsh - avatar Gary Walsh | Tuesday 17th September 2013

On Friday 6th September, I was joined by members of the Inspire-Aspire team to take part in a fantastic event organised by Fife Council in Rothes Halls, Glenrothes. We were...

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The Joy of Effort

Written by David Lorimer - avatar David Lorimer | Tuesday 27th August 2013

OLYMPISM – Selected WritingsPierre de CoubertinIOC, 2000, 862 pp., no price given, h/b – ISBN 92-91490660   Baron Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937) was the founder of the modern Olympic Games and dedicated...

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Why take part in Inspire>Aspire? I’ll tell you why

Written by Gary Walsh - avatar Gary Walsh | Friday 16th August 2013

Inspire>Aspire, a project of Character Scotland, has been running since 2010. In that time, over 75,000 school pupils across the UK have taken part in the poster competition. The project...

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Andy Murray's win is Triumph of Character

Written by David Lorimer - avatar David Lorimer | Tuesday 9th July 2013

Andy Murray's win against Number One Seed, Novak Djokovic, was an exciting and nerve-racking final match. The Scottish born tennis player has, this year, accomplished his dream with over 13.2...

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