Articles and book reviews

Below you will find a selection of articles and recent book reviews. Many of the book reviews are also downloadable from the members' section of the Scientific and Medical Network site, where there is a full index.



3Consciousness and Society - An Ethic of Interconnectedness

3Consciousness and Spirituality: widening the scientific perspective

3Experiment and Experience, Introduction to The Spirit of Science

3John Moriarty Memorial Lecture
Rhythmica Mythica: Separation and Union, Exile and Homecoming
Clifden Arts Festival,  Ireland, September 2008

3Radical Prince Introduction - A Time to Heal

3The Near-Death Experience and the Perennial Wisdom

3The Principles of Love and Wisdom in Swedenborg and Beinsa Douno
Presidential Address, Swedenborg Society, May 2000

3Swedenborg and Survival
Presidential Address, Swedenborg Society, May 2001

3Swedenborg, the Soul and Modern Consciousness Studies
Presidential Address,  Swedenborg Society, May 2002

3Swedenborg and New Age Science


Selected Book Reviews, 2004-2009

&Selected Book Reviews Ecology

&Selected Book Reviews General

&Selected Book Reviews History of Ideas

&Selected Book Reviews Philosophy

&Selected Book Reviews Science, Spirituality and Religion

&Selected Book Reviews, Agriculture, Food and Health

&Selected Book Reviews, Energy and Economics







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